You're here because you know there's something more to life than the one you're living right now. 

You used to feel it. That magic.

The energy and joy that would have you flying out of bed each morning.

She was once there, all around you.

Or perhaps you've never quite been that lit up. But you know somewhere deep inside you, that something more than what you're feeling now is possible.

You can feel your soul stirring, calling you, tugging at you in the middle of the night, saying I need more more than this... please show me the way.

As someone who has experienced thrilling highs and gut-wrenching lows on her quest to find her place in this incredible Universe, I have realised one life truth that has become my compass and true north, that:

Finding your joy and your own version of happiness
is what will bring you the heaven you desire
to feel here on Earth.

When JOY becomes your set point
-- Magic happens.


When joy becomes your set point, your creativity opens up. You find your flow and what lights you up -- that thing you came here to be, do or have.

FEAR vanishes. 

For fear cannot co-exist
with joy and happiness.


You gain traction, momentum and confidence in life. You begin to trust again, and realise that a Higher version of yourself (God, the Universe, Source - perhaps) has your back.

Your vibration and what you emanate matches what you want.... and life just works.

Actually, life more than just works. You begin to thrive and soar.

And the better it gets? The better it gets!

Want in?

There are currently 2 ways of working with me.

In private 1:1 coaching sessions. Learn more and book a complimentary session HERE.

Or by purchasing my "3 Weeks & 21 Tools to Making Joy Your Set Point" eCourse.

I am so beyond thankful to have the opportunity to have Emma as my coach.
She is incredibly talented and has the ability to see another person’s gifts & help them realise their full potential. After every session I would get such an amazing amount of clarity and very precise action steps to help me move forward and closer to reaching my goals, and most importantly I am able to see real results and progress after working with her!
Emma manages with such ease and intuition to deeply connect to her clients even over the phone and across borders. I simply love her gentle, warm and at the same time firm & supportive coaching style, and couldn’t recommend her more!
— Ivana B, Dubai, UAE