When we find and tend our JOY we guide ourselves back into
connection with Source, God, the Divine
-- that place where our clarity is, our flexibility, our buoyancy
and from where all our great ideas and solutions come from.


When we allow ourselves to be touched by the beauty
that is more often than not right in front of us,
our inner smile is turned on, we light up, and
we become the light house that draws
more of life's magic to us.



Like most things in life though, happiness doesn't just appear out of thin air.

For some of us it can be no more than a fleeting memory or a faraway target.

We believe we have to achieve this or that BEFORE we can allow ourselves to feel joy.

Or life’s daily stresses have us thinking of happiness as no more than an occasional glimmer on a stormy horizon.

But feeling good does not have to be hard -- the good news is you don't have to climb an emotional ladder to finally reach a place of joy.

You CAN consciously create your own happiness. You just need to decide that’s where you want your set point to be and keep pointing yourself in that direction.

When Joy Becomes Our Set Point,
she gives us the energy and unshakable belief
that WE CAN create the life we came here for.


Sure, to begin with it takes work. Especially if you’re currently in a lower vibration, or lean toward depression, PMS, anxiety or feelings of discontent or disappointment after what feels like an eternity of life handing you one too many streaks of bad luck. 

But this work is what will bring you some of life’s most joyous moments. 

Ready to feel more of life's joyous moments?

Then, this was created just for you:  


 My "3 Weeks and 21 Tools to Make Joy Your Set Point"

will build your joy and happiness muscle and become the habits that recalibrate your set point to that of joy and help you reignite life's magic.


Over the course of 3 weeks you will receive a set of 21 carefully curated tools, tips and rituals (sent via email, 1 per day and also made available to you as a set of downloadable PDFs) which, when practised together, will create a belief-shift in you and have you experiencing joy and happiness no matter what is going on around you.

Joy is the closest feeling to divinity. If you let it act as your compass you will never be lost.
Be joyful for it is more true to who you are than anything.
— St. Germain

This e-Course will teach you:

3 Weeks & 21 Tools to Make Joy Your Set Point (eCourse)

This 3 week eCourse includes 21 daily emails & 3 beautifully designed PDFs containing all 21 tools, tips and rituals in one downloadable file. 

Please note: this eCourse is Non-Refundable and CHF 47 is the approximate equivalent of USD 47. 

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  • HOW to feel happiness and joy in the NOW so that you find your FLOW -- that feeling of energised focus, full involvement and success. Flow is what magnifies the impact of whatever we do and draws to us the magic of what feels like the Universe bending in our favour
  • The #1 ritual that beats (and is more fun! than) keeping a regular gratitude journal

  • A technique for creating the mental space for joy

  • How to inject joy into your body, naturally

  • Morning tips for tending to your dreams and living the life you came here for

  • Productivity tools to deal with procrastination, fear & anxiety

  • Strategies for creating the physical space and emotional space for joy

  • The night time routine that will have you sleeping like a (sleeping) baby

  • The "essential" and easiest tools to use to instantly feel joyful

  • Rituals to protect and clear yourself from the negative and draining emotions of others, and

  • My personal favourite -- a tool that teaches you how to turn wishes into reality. Yes, really.

And more... that will have your soul lit up and you feeling like someone's handed you a new lease on life.

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