The Real Reason to Declutter

If you're not where you want to be, not getting the results you’re looking for, or not in the kind of relationship you want, understanding the Universal Law of Vacuum will uncover for you the real reason to be decluttering your life.

The Law Of Vacuum states that nature abhors a vacuum (a gap, void or free space) and the universe will fill it in.

In essence this means that when you clear your physical environment, your beliefs, relationships and life in general, you open up a space that metaphysically must be filled with something new. When you declutter the different areas of your life you clear out the old and make way for the new to manifest.

The wonderful thing about the Universe is that it is inherently good.

This means when you create a vacuum the Universe will fill it with good. What’s important is that we create the space or void for that to happen because when we’re surrounded by busy-ness, negativity and clutter there’s no vacuum for harmony to come into our life.

Decluttering is what opens up the space for new things to enter your life.

Want new clothes? Go clean out your closet and give away what you’re no longer wearing to a charity or homeless shelter. Think you can’t call in your soul mate? Let go of any “friends with benefits” or the relationship you’re just coasting along in until something better comes along. If you’re holding onto any kind of dysfunctional relationships then you’re not leaving any room for the Universe to fill it with a good ones.

What’s key is to let go of stuff that doesn’t work in your life with the faith that better is coming.

If you hold onto things out of fear, then you’re showing the Universe that you don’t believe it has your back and that something better is coming. For me, it wasn’t until I said no more! to a bi-polar boss, without any new work on the horizon, that I was able to create the space for incredible new opportunities to come out of nowhere.

When you can let go of your fear, decluttering is one of the fastest ways to crank up your manifesting mojo and clear new space for magic to appear into your life.

Need a little help knowing what to let go of and what to keep? Grab yourself a copy of Marie Kondo’s best selling book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing (2014) and delight in her simple but soul directed selection criteria: Does it spark joy? If not, it might just be part of what’s been holding you back.

The real reason to declutter is to get rid of the stuff that’s been keeping you stuck so the Divine can work her magic and refill your life with what your soul truly craves.

Empty yourself and let the Universe fill you.

Feel into this: You are what your surroundings are. If you want more prosperity and magic in your life, keep asking yourself this question: What am I holding onto that I need to release in order to receive and create the life I want? Then release, release, release.