Want To Be More Productive? Here's the 1 Thing To STOP Doing

Ever feel like whole mornings disappear, days blur into one and you're no closer to making your dreams a reality? If you've been on the lookout for some sort of magic bullet that will stop you from faffing about and instead have you focused and more productive, then I may just have something for you!

Here’s something I’ve learned from one of my mentors: Brendon Burchard – a motivation guru who coaches navy seals, CEOs and anyone else who wants their queen of procrastination butt kicked. It’s a surefire way to jumpstart your productivity and help you make real headway on what you want to achieve this year. Oh YES!

If you want to become more productive, do NOT “inbox” for the first 60 minutes of your day. Seriously, if you want to gain back control of your morning and your life, do not check your email or social networks for at least the first hour of your day.

Continue to do this 1 thing consistently and Brendon suggests you will find yourself 30% more productive over the course of your week.

This means no devices beside the bed to sneak a peek at the moment you open your eyes. No multitasking with email on your phone as you’re getting breakfast ready, or while cleaning your teeth or getting hubby and the kiddos out the door. Nada, zip, zilch of this.


Because when you do you’re checking out of YOUR world and into someone else’s.

Think of your inbox as a convenient sorting of other people’s agendas.  

Checking what they’ve sent you and their updates on social media sucks you into “reactionary” mode. This means you’re less productive and feeling frustrated that you’re not achieving anything of your “own”.

WOW, that’s perspective, right?

Instead, commit to spending the first 60 minutes of your day to work on your own goals and desires, before you start working on anything else.

Begin by grabbing yourself a glass of water and stretching to open up your body and your breath. Next, get the kids and/or hubby sorted if you have them.... or better yet, get up earlier and create your own me time before anyone else gets up. Then, BEFORE you check your inbox or social networks take out a piece of paper and write down:

  • the projects you have/want to work on today,
  • the names of people you need/want to reach out to today and
  • what the priorities are that you must/want to accomplish.

Complete your me time with some journaling about a passion project or an experience you want to create. See it as coming into being in your mind's eye and feel into what that means for you.

Do this every day before you start “checking in” with your inbox and you’ll find yourself being more strategic and proactive, instead of reactive and distracted.

And before you know it you’ll be that much closer to living the life you came here for.

This article originally appeared on ZLiving.com