How to Journal Your Way to the Life You Want

If you’re after a different job, house, relationship or level of wealth and find that no matter what you do, you’re no closer to the life you really want, it might have something to do with your mindset.  If you’re ready to be done with the crapola it keeps telling you, then journaling is a powerful way to clean up and elevate your mindset.

Stick around and I’ll share with you the exact journaling exercises that will uncover the new beliefs you need to get the life you truly want.


So what IS this mindset stuff?

Research shows it’s the way we think about our abilities that makes all the difference in what we achieve. When we have the underlying belief that we are in control of our own destiny and that it’s not fixed by our genes, our past is or what is going on in the outside world, we have the ability to bring into being any life we want. Check out what Dweck has to say about a “growth mindset” in her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, 2006.

It’s also understood that our outcomes will always be a result of what our inner state believes and what we see in our mind’s eye. So the reason why someone else is living the life you want starts with that person accepting a different level of “normal”. And the way your life looks is a direct reflection of what you accept or consider normal.


Want to reprogram your mind for success? Here's how to Use journaling to do it

If you want to up level your normal and change what you find acceptable as your bottom line, you need to program your mind to see that whatever it can see, can become reality. Thanks to Kat Loterzo and her brilliant take on how to Live a Rich *itch Life, here are some journaling exercises that are a perfect entry point for building a personal mindset practice that creates the life you want to live.


1) Make space for asking for what you truly want

Understand that success, however that looks for you, begins within. By making space for a daily journaling practice you are creating the space for your mind to create within that which you desire to see in the real world.

Action: Get used to journaling “freestyle” i.e. get comfortable writing in a stream of consciousness style where you state on paper your true thoughts about what it is you want. Begin by completing the following sentence: “If I were truly asking for what I want, I would decide to ________” (complete this at least 20 times, mapping out everything you truly want.)


2) Write as though It Is Done

There is a lot of power to be found in simply stating something as true over and over again. While this may feel awkward and almost impossible to believe at first, the more you do it, the more your mind will see it as true and the sooner you will begin to act from that place of it being true.

Action: Take whatever you have written in the first step and re-write each thing as done i.e. instead of writing “I want...or I decide…etc”, write “I have… I am… it is DONE!”

Note: The more this feels uncomfortable the more you need to do it. Kat calls this “Bootcamping your freakin’ mindset!” and suggests doing it 3 times a day to begin with, using any of the journaling exercises you find here.


3) Change your beliefs on what is possible with these

When you start journaling in this way, your mind may go into a tailspin and want to insist it knows better, which is why completing the following exercises are essential:

  • “If I were to actually achieve all my dreams and “have it all”, I would need to believe ________”. Complete this sentence at least 20 times, pushing yourself to get clear on what new beliefs you must choose to believe this life you want is possible for you.


  • “If I were completely in alignment, I would ______”. Again, answer this over and over again until you feel done. This exercise can be used to help you achieve immediate goals as well as for bigger picture dreaming.


  • The “I Am…” exercise is about stating what you choose to be true for future you, by choosing to see it as true now! If you’re feeling some resistance around this, try mixing in some statements that are already true for you in a practical sense, together with those you’re going to bring into reality through your journaling. Here are some examples:

I AM living on purpose

I AM earning more than (state your target monthly income here) each and every month

I AM toned and feel gorgeous in my own skin

Everything I decide comes to life

I AM in the relationship I have always wanted

I AM blissfully happy with the direction my life is going

I make great decisions

Everything I decide to create comes to life with ease and grace

I AM proud of myself

I live from flow


4) Create your own Blueprint

Think of this one as a bonus exercise – once you’ve spent some time getting comfortable with journaling and getting clear on what it is you want to be, do or have, you can bring it into existence more quickly by creating your own success blueprint using the following statements:

If I was already XXX, I would ­­­…

I’d never…

I’d only …

I’d always …

I’d finally …

I’d stop …


Understand that journaling is not about magic tricks it’s about getting to the core of what you must believe to make the life you desire a reality, and then affirming it over and over again through your written word. The Universe delivers when we are in alignment with what our heart desires and journaling is what allows us to get out of our head, into our hearts and to put that on paper.

This article originally appeared on ZLiving.