The First Step to Creating a Life You Love

It’s interesting how often we’re asked the question “What do you want?” or “What would you like?” Sometimes we’re able to meet this with a great big emphatically clear “This, this AND This!” and sometimes not.

Perhaps like me, when you were younger, you were bursting with dreams and you could taste the delicious adventure that was going to have them all come true. 

Then, life started getting in the way. You grew up, beliefs got turned upside-down and all of a sudden that carefree fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants version of you who knew exactly what you wanted, began mumbling a feeble, uninspired “Well, I know what I don’t want…” And yes, knowing what you don’t want is one way of reaching what you DO want. But I invite you to dive into the Infinite Barrel of Possibility for a moment.

What I am about to share with you here is based on the ground-breaking work of Danielle LaPorte and her Desire Map.

The 1st step to creating a life you love is to first get clear on how you want to FEEL within yourself before you design any more to-do’s, goals, or bucket lists.

Let this sink in: 

Knowing how you want to FEEL is the most potent form of clarity you can have. 

When you find the essence of how you want to feel FIRST, and then infuse those feelings into what you want to have, be and do, you become a powerful CREATOR of your own life.

This means not living by default, not living in reaction to what life brings or throws you and not living life through other people’s whims.

Any victim mentality is washed away.

Ready to start listening to your soul?

Begin by rolling around with a list of positive feelings. Things like:

Lit up, Turned On, Blissed Out, Aligned, Joy, Infinite, Inspired, Golden, Ease, Magical…

Go get your hands on Danielle’s Desire Map for a full list of possibilities. Print it out, take a marker and highlight those that jump out at you, ignite you and scream YES! to you. Then play with them. Toss and turn with them for a couple of days. See which ones really resonate. The idea is to narrow down your list to 3-5 core desired feelings.

The idea is genius in its simplicity. First, get clear on how you want to feel. Then go do, have and experience stuff that originates in those feelings you desire. By keeping your core desired feelings top of mind you get to re-align yourself daily with your heart’s desire. What better way to create a life you love?

Remember, feelings are magnetic. So by choosing to focus on the feelings you want to feel, you’re going to create the experiences you want… and in turn, a life you love!

Whenever you start guiding yourself by caring about how you feel, you start guiding yourself back into your Stream of Source Energy, and that’s where your clarity is; that’s where your joy is; that’s where your flexibility is; that’s where your balance is; that’s where your good ideas come from. That’s where all the good stuff is accessed from.
— Abraham-Hicks

Life is full of opportunities to feel exactly the way you want to feel. For me, I feel lit up and turned on when I write (…and when my gorgeous man pulls up at my door!) so I do it daily. I feel vital and energised drinking green juice, so I do it daily. I feel grounded, aligned and infinite when I practice Kundalini yoga, and not quite fully in my skin when I don’t.

I love Danielle’s twist on this quote by Joseph Campbell,

The privilege of a lifetime is being that which you are.

Instead, she says:

The privilege of a lifetime is creating a life that feels the way you want it to feel.
— Danielle LaPorte

Wow, that's good. So what is your #1 core desired feeling and how will you go do, have and experience it?

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