Be the Energy You Want to Attract

Our Energy Is What Makes the World Go Round.

You’ve probably heard of the classic business and personal development book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, which was first published in 1936. I’ll be honest, I’ve never wanted to read it. The title had always turned me off. Why would you want to try win friends and what’s your motive behind wanting to influence people?! It had always sounded icky and off-putting to me, until I read a little something from Melissa Ambrosini, a fellow Aussie and the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl (2016).

Your Interactions With Others Can Either Leave Them Elated or Deflated.

Ambrosini talked about a concept in the book that basically states every single interaction between two human beings is neutral, but you can either leave them elated or deflated. Which got me thinking about what the laws of physics state – that everything is energy, and we all have the ability to influence the state of the world by the energy or vibration we give off.

Like Melissa, I am incredibly lucky to be with a man that leaves everyone he spends time with that little bit happier than before he interacted with them. Whether it’s a two-minute phone call, a grocery store interaction, the guys on his construction site (my guy’s an architect), family or friends, he has a magical ability to delight people with his energy.

Here are 7 Ways to Be the Energy You Want to Attract

1. Understand that what you give out, you get back multiple times over

My guy delights in taking the time to help someone, whether he has the space for it or not, because it not only helps them but he sees it as "filling up his tank” too.


2. Remember the power of being grateful

He’s constantly telling me, and those around him, what he appreciates about us and is grateful for. It obviously makes us feel good and seeing us feel good lights him up too – which is the vibration that welcomes in more good stuff.

3. Understand that your Word Is Your Wand

Okay, so there’s no way my guy would put it that way…! But he’d definitely agree that your words are more than your bond. They hold serious power and create your reality. So he practices choosing them wisely and he’s always reminding me to turn around the language of my (…I like to think only occasional) tantrums, from talking about what I don’t like or don’t want happening to only making verbal what I do want.

4. Practice leading with your heart, not your head

Alright, he’s not a saint, at least not officially. But he understands the magic that comes from tuning into what he feels a situation requires, rather than what other people might expect of him. For example, all summer long he was constantly bringing the guys on his site afternoon ice-creams and cold drinks. While the average person might have thought he’ll be taken advantage of for doing that, the construction guys love him and are willing to go out of their way to get things done, because the energy on his site is so high-vibe.

5. Remember that mistakes are what make us human and help us grow

While others will lose their cool, curse, rant and rave when things go wrong, he doesn’t. In fact, he rarely loses any time wallowing in the “What if they, or I, had just…?”. He talks gently but straight-up with people and does so with an attitude of “everything is figure-out-able and hey, there’s always a lesson to be learned in here for everyone”, including him.  

6. Know that forgiveness is a super-power

He knows there’s no point holding on to the wrongdoings of others, because doing so means your heart will never be free.

7. Practice being open to all possibilities and know that everything always unfolds in its own divine timing

I am so very blessed. My guy is one of the most generous and spiritually caring individuals I have ever met. Although like most of us he finds it difficult sometimes to go with the flow, he knows that being willing to receive whatever the Universe sends his way is part of life’s adventure and is always a reflection of the vibration and signal he’s been sending out.
Being with this man is a constant reminder to me that it’s our energy that makes the world go round, and that in every moment of every day we have the opportunity to be the energy we want to attract. So what will you choose to bring to the people you interact with today? Who will you leave elated?