How to Cultivate an Energy of Abundance, Even With a Drawer Full of Bills

Money can be a tricky topic but there’s one key thing I’ve learned after years of manifesting the good, bad and miraculous around abundance and making bank: the Universe responds to how we think and feel.

You know those days when you get out of bed on the “wrong side” and your whole day ends up being a series of small disasters, one after the after?

Yep, me too.

Then there are those other days when you wake up with the sun bursting in, birds chirping and what starts out as a small smile playing around the corners of your lips ends up with you unable to take a goofy grin off your face thinking about how many little serendipitous events had you humming all day long?

Well, the way we energetically spend our days is what we end up drawing back to ourselves and becomes our life.

If you want a rocking money mindset - one that doesn’t freak out over the possibility of there not being enough one day - then you need to learn how to cultivate an energy of abundance.

Here are 6 practical tips that taught me how to do just that, even with an overflowing drawer of bills:

1) Cultivate a deep appreciation for the money that flows into your life and what it allows you to purchase

We need to remember that sometimes what we think are problems, are really first world luxuries, and living where we do means we have so much to be grateful for. So instead of cursing each bill that comes in, bless it and be thankful for the item or service it allows you to enjoy. 

Make bill paying a ritual you look forward to, instead of dreading, by turning on your favourite music, pouring yourself your fave cup of tea or wine and being grateful for being able to pay.

2) Make yourself a list of everything in your life that makes you feel abundant

Or at least really good about yourself, and when you think you're done keep asking "what else?" Abundance isn’t just about the dollars in your bank account – it’s about how prosperous you feel. And this exercise will help you see you're much more abundant than you thought.

3) Treat yourself like you're worthy and abundant

People who feel wealthy do not live with a scarcity mindset. They understand that a “lack” mentality will simply draw more lack.

Want to feel luxuriously abundant with what you already have? Don't wait for the right moment or only special occasions to bring out your best glasses, towels or candles.

And that favourite pair of lace knickers? Forget saving them for him – pop them on right now, just for you.

4) De-cluttering is one of the fastest ways to feel abundant

There’s nothing more uplifting or inviting than a beautifully clear and clean space. When you tidy up your underwear draw, wallet, handbag and that corner at home you’ve been promising yourself you'll get to, not only do you feel fab but you also create the space for more gorgeousness to come in.

5) Upgrade your basics

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you need to feel like you’re on one.

Upgrade to loose leaf instead of tea bags and to a handful of the best bars of silky smooth dark chocolate “your” wallet can buy, instead of jumbo-sized bags of supermarket brand candy.

Remember, money is energy and when you feel good money feels good being around you.

6) Always celebrate the small stuff

When we celebrate the small stuff not only does it lift our vibration, it also builds our momentum and belief in ourselves. It doesn’t have to take much money or effort to feel like a million dollars, but the payoff is, oh so worth it!

I love this: When I stop struggling, I float. It is the law.


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