5 Ways to Create a Miracle Mindset

I love this quote by Wayne Dyer:

Heaven on Earth is a choice you must make, not a place you must find.

While we don’t have choice about absolutely everything in life, with enough awareness, there are four key aspects that we usually create on autopilot, which can become choices instead of a default reaction to another person or situation:

  • How we feel
  • How we behave
  • Which people and situations we attract or become attracted to
  • What meanings we assign to what happens

With these 4 aspects of life in mind let’s look at how we can find that piece of heaven in the everyday by choosing a miracle mindset:

1) Acknowledge that when it comes to following your dreams you may initially come up against resistance, fear and overwhelm

Whenever you work on yourself and experience change and transformation, it may feel unsettling and too much to begin with. What’s important is to honour where you are and name that elephant that’s in the room ~ if you’re scared, say it.

Once you’ve acknowledged your resistance, remind yourself of where you’re going, why you’re doing it and what the prize or payoff will be when you get there.

Tip: Remember that fear is sneaky and is a bit like sugar ~ it can hide out in almost everything we want to be, do and have. But like sugar, it can also be dissolved. Dissolve your fear by thinking of it as False Evidence Appearing Real.

2) Ask yourself questions that will keep you focused: “Does this make me more of who I really am, or will this make me more of who I came here to be?”

We’re all here to experience as much joy as possible and that comes when we’re feeling alignment with our truest selves.

3) Stand strong in the face of No Agreement

When we follow our dreams there are going to be times when our gut or intuition suggests that we do something that makes absolutely no sense on paper, or to the minds of others.

Even though we may have finally embarked on something we’ve wanted to do since childhood, self-doubt, self-sabotage, self-destruction, disempowering beliefs and self-created rationalisation against going for it, may rear its ugly head.

It’s at this time that following the path of least resistance and blending in with the masses can feel like the more comfortable option. But it’s in our ability to stand firm to our commitments in the face of No Agreement that we find our ability to manifest miracles and our own greatness.

Remember: Course correction can be done at any time ~ have the faith that by continuing to take consistent action, you will get there.

4) Be willing to be surprised and to be guided by something larger than yourself

To experience miracles ~ forget about yourself, reach out and ask how what you are doing can be of service to others.

How do you know if you’re making a choice from your higher self? Gauge everything on the basis of how you feel ~ are you stressed out, anxious, fearful, angry or feeling good about yourself, living on purpose, and you feel like your life has meaning?

When you operate from your authentic self, bliss and happiness is your response.

5) Refuse doubt and do not engage in negative thinking

If you do find yourself engaging in negativity, shift the focus by reaching for a thought that feels better than the current one you’re thinking.

Shift yourself into a state of “eagerly anticipating what is coming next!”. It’s when we decide to live with an attitude of something miraculous is about to happen that miracles do show up and our wishes really do come true.

Above all, express gratitude. By giving thanks and really feeling your appreciation for all that you have through your energy, you become magnetic to more.

This article has also appeared on The Huffington Post